360° Panoramic 1080P HD Wifi Camera Light Bulb Security IP Cam Lamp Remote

120,000 Fr 80,000 Fr

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*live video: 360° wide-angle panoramic Lens of view,captures everyting in the field of view.1080P HD no blind area , applicable to different monitoring scenarios, 5 different viewing modes to look after your home, day and night. Night vision is up to 16-feet.

*Remote Control LED light: Dimmable brightness control from anywhere with your phone, using the free app (works with iOS/Android). Easy installation and APP setup, remoting the camera on smartphone via 4G network or Wifi.

*Two- way Intercom: Two-way Audio Communication With the built-in speakers and microphone ,you can conduct 2 way communications.Communicate with family, friends and your pets by intelligent android and apple app,talk with them freely by the wifi security camera.Our camera bulb is not waterproof.Do some protective measures, outdoor use is still perfect and safe.

How to make the camera connect to the internet?(The wifi on the connected router needs to be especially close to the router)
1.Download “V380S” or “V380” from IOS or Andriod APP store or scaning the QR code on the box
2.Electrify the camera by connecting to power source start worling ( use the reset pin to indicate voice and light will turn on)
3.Connect LAN ( AP mode): Select and connect AP signal(“MV+camera’s ID No”) in phone WLAN, NO Internet Access.
4. Add your device in the APP: Enter “V380S” and click“ Local login” directly,Pull down to refresh or click “+” to add your networked device, When device indicates “LAN online”, can operate the camera int the LAN area
5.Change LAN to WLAN (station mode): Click “Set” then “Network settings”,Select “Station mode”, choose a local WIFI signal(NOT SUPPORT 5G WIFI) and put password, click “save”, voice indicating “WIFI’s connected”, your device will connect the Wifi automatically. Then you can use phone though any WIFI or mobile data to remotely operate and monitor.
About camera can not connect to wifi or not work, please contact us.