Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – Playstation 3

15,000 Fr

Video trailer

  • Note: 
  • 1GB of space on the Internal Hardisk is required
  • Game is an installation on the internal Hardisk of the Playstation 3, when you buy the game we recommend you to bring your console (playstation 3 machine) at our offices or we send someone to come and install the game where you are located.

Uncharted 2 takes place two years after Drake’s Fortune and follows protagonist Nathan Drake’s attempt to unravel a mystery surrounding Venetian explorer Marco Polo and his undocumented voyage from China. This trial leads him, Chloe Frazer and old friends Elena Fisher and Victor Sullivan into a search for the fabled Cintimani Stone and Shangri-La in a race against Serbian mercenaries. The plot draws inspiration from Polo and his travels through Asia.



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